CONPAC provides campaign contributions to statewide candidates who support increased funding for infrastructure and a good business climate in South Dakota.  CONPAC also supports causes that are important to the construction industry in South Dakota. In addition to campaign contributions, CONPAC strives to increase the political awareness of AGC members. CONPAC is committed to building the political strength of the construction industry through grassroots lobbying. In 30 years, CONPAC has contributed to more than 600 candidates. 

For more information about CONPAC, click here, or contact Executive Director Toby Crow at 605-224-8689.

What is CONPAC?

CONPAC is a voluntary, non-profit, unincorporated association of people and organizations interested in boosting the business environment and strengthening the construction industry.

What does CONPAC do?

Your CONPAC contribution funds:

  • Face-to-Face meetings with legislators and candidates.
  • Mail pieces and other information used to inform legislators about our issues.
  • Contributions to candidates friendly to infrastructure and business.
  • Supports ballot initiatives and other causes that generate a good business climate in South Dakota.

How does CONPAC choose candidates?

The CONPAC Board of Directors, Membership, and staff consider the following when determining campaign contributions:

  • Input from CONPAC contributors.
  • Candidate voting records.
  • AGC & LICA member input.
  • In-person candidate interviews

(A candidate’s political party is not a criterion for support.)

Why should I contribute?

A well-funded CONPAC allows us to support candidates who support infrastructure investment and a good business climate.  CONPAC, in concert with AGC Government Affairs efforts, allows us to be the voice of the construction industry.  The more members who participate, the stronger our voice.

AGC of America PAC

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