Safety Committee

The Safety Committee brings together the top construction safety professionals in South Dakota to inform, recommend and develop AGC safety services.  The Safety Committee is serviced by safety education, consultation and recognition subcommittees.  All AGC members are welcome to participate in the Safety Committee or its subcommittees.


The Safety Consultation Subcommittee meets regularly to develop tools that AGC staff and members can use to evaluate and develop the member’s safety program.  In many cases these tools are employed to get a safety program off the ground or to give a program new life.  Participants in this subcommittee offer vital, real-world insight for advanced safety management tools.


The Safety Education Subcommittee meets regularly to determine training opportunities and costs.  Building on a strong foundation of courses, the subcommittee is actively engaged in the development of new educational opportunities for AGC members.


The Safety Recognition Subcommittee is the leading voice in the promotion of member safety success through the Paul Lepthien and Safety Academy Achievement Awards.  The subcommittee reviews award format and applications each year to ensure safety excellence is recognized and promoted.  This subcommittee is responsible for reviewing and selecting award winners each year.