SDDOT - Buy America

IMPORTANT: New Build America, Buy America Special Provision Begins January 11, 2023 EBS Letting! 

Dear AGC Members, 
The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) included the Build America, Buy America Act, and the Act strengthens Made in America Laws. All state DOTs are required to include these requirements in all lettings as soon as reasonably possible. The SDDOT will begin including these requirements in the January 11, 2023, EBS Letting. Not adhering to these requirements may result in substantial penalties and/or removal of certain construction materials. 
Please make sure to familiarize yourself the following information prior to bidding on the January 11, 2023, letting:
For questions on classification for any items not included in the above list, please contact Christina Bennett at or call 605.773.4391.  For questions on items included in project plans currently advertised for bid, please use the Bid Letting Project Q&A forum. 
Thank you!