2023-26 STIP Quantities / Region Data to AGC

SDDOT has recently provided AGC with the breakdown
of the 2023-2026 STIP by region and work type. The data (as of November 23, 2022) for Asphalt, PCC, Grading and Shoulder Widening, Structure Replacement and Structure Maintenance can be found here!  
The STIP Dashboard (spreadsheet) is broken into tabs
for the different categories. Below are some notes in reference to better navigating the spreadsheet:
  • Quantities are based on the anticipated “Construction Year”
    • Includes FY2022 projects with 2023+ construction
    • For projects with multiple construction years: 
      • the quantities for Asphalt (tons), Grade/Shld Wdn (Cu Yd) and PCC (Sq Yd) are divided equally for each of the construction years
      • the # of Projects, $ Millions and Miles will be included in the programmed fiscal year only
    • ‚ÄčAC, PCC and Earthwork quantities are not included for all Local projects
    • CyYd earthwork quantities are a work in progress with anticipation of being more complete for the 2024-27 STIP.
  • # of Projects – Includes the # of projects for that category, whether it is the main improvement type or a subsidiary improvement type.
  • $ Millions – Is the “Total” project cost, not just the estimated cost for that category.
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