Safety Academy

The primary purpose of the Safety Academy is to enhance the safety program of every participating member, and is formatted to deliver Education, Consultation and Recognition to every member, regardless of type of work or safety experience.  The components of the program are:


Knowing members is key to delivering pertinent services, so a detailed profile will be constructed for each participating member.


Diverse membership demands customized solutions, so each participating member will receive a plan of services to improve performance.


Participation involves expenditure and deserves promotion, so members will be recognized for participation and advancement.


Successful members have much to offer, so members will be given the opportunity to educate other participating members.


Consultation will be done to build the member profile, establish a plan of attack and foster member rapport.  The initial consultation may include safety program review, jobsite visits, employee interviews and more as part of a Strength-Weakness-Opportunity-Threat (SWOT) analysis.

Education will be delivered through classroom training, jobsite services and program analysis.  All services are organized using the 100-400 numeric format displayed here.  Learn more about specific services offered at each level on the following pages.

Recognition for status and achievement will be presented when members enroll in the academy and as they move up through the levels.  Recognition also will involve identification of member expertise for the sake of mentorship.  With so many skilled safety professionals working for member companies, consultation and education will be facilitated between members.